I started CCR LLC, Remodeling & Woodworking in 1992 with a need to feed my young family after another round of closings in the lithography trade. My graphic designer father and I put together a flyer and I hand delivered them in the Webster Groves and Kirkwood areas. I got my first job installing siding on a 30 foot long garage on Bompart Ave. The house incidentally was built in the late 1860’s. From there a client in Kirkwood hired me to clear out brush and paint a couple of rooms. Our church on Lockwood Ave. in Webster Groves hired me to wallpaper and tile the kitchen in the rectory. I moved on to real estate work and then branched out to kitchens, bathrooms, and decks. We also have the equipment to make any custom molding profile you need or want with our molding equipment. Finally, last year we did a complete gut remodel of a 1910’s guest house, complete with a new foundation (60 inches of rain and a Model T tire bent in half and buried next to the foundation, the wood spokes presumably rotted off.).

My first kitchen was on Russell just off Grand and from there, I have done 30 or so gut kitchen remodels in Webster Groves, Clayton, Maryland Heights and Ladue, Missouri. All of my work is focused on quality and value for my client. I want your business (you to be a satisfied customer) and just as important – your repeat business. Cleanliness and safety for my crew as well as my clients and their children are also important. It does not matter if the project is a $2,000 bathroom makeover or a $200,000 addition or a whole house restoration. The same care and attention to detail is applied to all projects.

As you may have guessed, I am a creative type. For that to show through, I strive to keep good customer relations – which to me is a project that is on time, on budget, and well organized. Good customer relations make creative discussions with the homeowners easy and a natural flow to the project. I work to give my personal touch and creative insight on every one of my remodeling projects, something I have always done. I have worked in over 500 homes over the last 23 years. People rely on me and that is something I enjoy.

I bring a lot of experience to your home, and I show up on time and ready to work. Large projects, as you can see in the photos, are my specialty along with kitchens, kitchen cabinets and bookcases. I believe we can achieve great things together that fit your budget. Let’s get started on the home of your dreams, email or call today at 314-962-1957!

Mark Richter
CCR LLC, Remodeling & Woodworking